Our Story

Krazy Katsu started as a challenge that we couldn’t make a sandwich as good as a worldwide brand that everyone loves. We made a couple and it took off on social media. In a matter of weeks we were making several hundred for lunch on a Tuesday. Our goal is to wow you with the size of the food and keep you coming back because you love the food and personal experience. At Krazy Katsu we want you to feel like you’re a guest in our home or like you’re on an episode of Cheer’s.

We have deep roots in Japanese cooking.From a young kid we were in the kitchen making tonkatsu, gyoza or anything else that we were going to eat. We’ve all enjoyed cooking and sharing our love for asian flavors with friends and family. Here you’re family

Fresh food fast…Everything we make is made to order. You’ll never get a meal from us that waiting in a warmer. Give us 7 minutes to change your life.